Meet Steve

Steve grew up in Philadelphia with his brother and sister. He spent his weekend with his dad tinkering around and supporting his roofing business. When Steve met Lorrianne, his wife and, now, business partner, they moved to Bucks County for their forever home, where they would raise their two twin daughters. Steve is a family man. He is someone you can trust - the friend you call when you need an extra hand moving, the neighbor you wave to across the road, the person who shovels your sidewalk when it snows.

This is what makes Steve different. Steve is not just your supplier. He is your neighbor, friend, and family man. Steve is what makes A & K Industrial Corp different. You aren’t dealing with a different face or person for your Maintenance Repair and Operations supplies. You’re not dealing with the hassle of browsing the internet for the exact item that you need. Steve takes care of it all. His hundreds of Products allow him to customize a program just for your shop. If he doesn’t have it? He’ll find it. A & K industrial offers Two State Contracts, GSA Contracts, and carries a SBA certification, all from just a phone call, text, or click away. He pulls all of his resources to make sure that you get the best products available. Let A & K industrial support you, and you support your business needs.